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    This will be the first year I have rented out my condo privately instead of through the club.

    What is the best way to collect payment?

    If anybody has a procedure that works for them with the least headaches I would love to hear about it.


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      Hello. It’s actually very easy, as I’ve done it many times, please see below.

      1. Post your week and room # that you want to rent, and include your email address, so they can contact you.
      2. When they express an interest in your room, give them your contact info so they can email ABC to verify that you are the owner of your room, avoiding any scammers out there. They can email them at to verify this.
      3. Once Ida, or someone else verifies that you are the owners, ask them to mail you a check for the amount that you’ve agreed on, for the entire week(s.)
      4. Deposit their check, which usually clears in a couple of days, you know now you have verifiable renters.
      5. Log on to the ABC website and fill out the Guest of Owner Authorization form, which you will need “all” of their info to fill out.
      6. ABC emails you, after you’ve paid your Maintenance Fees, and the fee to rent your room, $35 starting 2018, the confirmation, with the renters info, that you can send to them.
      7. They print the confirmation, bring it with them to check in, and everyone is a happy camper!

      Please email me at if you have any questions.

      Happy New Year!!! 8-)

      I agree with all that has been said, but some people want to make 2 payments. I rent my Nov rooms out early some years.

      I will allow 2 payments, but if I do not receive a 2nd payment, then the first payment becomes non refundable.

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