Getting started, how to register/join and log in/sign in

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    You must register an account with a username and password to post messages. Near the top of any page on the left side you will see the words “Register/Join”. Click on it.

    You will be presented with a screen outlining usage terms, click on “I Agree” at the bottom.

    You will now be presented with the registration screen. Fill in the [/b]required section at the top[/b] with your choice of a username, a password and your email address. (Do not use your email address as a username).
    Please make a note of your username and password for future reference in case you forget.
    Type in the appropriate reply to the security question then click “Submit”.


    You will get a confirmation screen, read it carefully. You will also receive an email confirmation message. Both will tell you if your registration was successful.

    All registrations require approval by an administrator which can take up to 24 hours. You will be sent another email when this happens. You may then log in (sign in) using your chosen username and password. Please note: passwords are case sensitive, “MYpassword” is not the same as “mypassword”.

    When trying to register if you receive an error message stating that someone is already using your email address, it means you are already registered. You cannot register more than once with the same email address.

    Index of forums and how to select your forum of interest…


    How do I post a new message in a forum?
    Click the New Topic button on either the forum or topic screens. You must be a registered user to post a message.


    How do I reply to a message?
    Click the Reply button while the message you wish to reply to is on the screen. You must be a registered user to reply to a message.


    How do I edit or delete a message?
    You can only edit or delete your own messages. You must be logged to edit or delete. You can delete your message only if no one has replied to it.
    While your message is on the screen the Delete and Edit icons are at the lower right corner of the message window. Click on the X Icon to delete it your message. Click on the Edit icon to edit your message. Administrators and Moderators can edit or delete any message at any time.

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