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    How do I change my username?
    Usernames cannot be changed.

    How do I change my registered email address?
    If your email address changes, it is important that you update your Profile with the new address. Log in, click on the User Control Panel link at the top right of any page. Select Profile then select Edit Account Settings and change your email address in the field provided. A confirmation email message will be sent to the new address including a link that MUST be clicked to validate the change.

    I forgot my username and/or password. What can I do?
    If you know your username but not your password, go to the login screen and click on the “Reset password” link. Follow the prompts. If you forgot your username, you are in big trouble. Use the Support link outlined in red at the top of any page to request assistance. Do not ask us for your password, only you know what password you used when you registered.

    The system sent me a new password but I cannot log in?
    Are you using the correct username? Did you activate the new password according to the instructions in the email message you received with the new password? Are you entering the password exactly as given you in all capital letters?

    I posted a message offering my timeshare for rent but it disappeared, why?
    Messages that have been on the Owner Rental Forum for 60 days with no responses are automatically removed by the system. On-Line Marketing, the maintainers of the system, take no responsibility for lost, misdirected, fraudulent or inaccurate messages.

    How to set the correct time for your time zone:
    While logged in, click on “User Control Panel” on the right side near the top. Then click on “Board Preferences” and scroll down to “Time Zone”.
    For East Coast DST, the setting should be “GMT-4”, for Central DST the setting should be “GMT-5” etc.
    For East Coast Standard Time, the setting should be “GMT-5”, for Central Standard Time the setting should be “GMT-6” etc.
    If your area observes Daylight Savings Time check the yes button.
    Be sure to hit the “Submit” button when finished.

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