Photos of the storm damage at ABC

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    As you know the storm took out 46 huts, several palm trees and most of the beach. The staff of ABC has been working very hard to get the beach cleaned up and rebuilt.

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      We were there for the storm, weeks 39 and 40. I’m here to tell you it was a tragedy to watch all the damage happening 👿
      The irony is that most of the damage happened after the storm itself had passed! Some kind of surge dragged up by the storm after the sea had started to calm down came in and brought what had to be 12 foot waves…spectacular and horrible at the same time.
      I noticed a backhoe in the bottom picture, are they dredging sand back onto the beach or moving the rocks so the waves can bring it back naturally?
      I can’t imagine how you felt being on the island during such a horrific storm. As you said most of the damage came AFTER the storm had passed with the surge that caught many of the resorts off guard.

      The excavator you see in the picture was brought in by ABC to place the rocks back in their original position. These boulders, which are normally covered by sand, often become exposed after a storm but this time many were lifted and tossed upon the beach like marbles. Getting them back into position quickly was critical to protect the beach we had left. The ocean will bring back the sand (hopefully soon) and all the resorts could possibly get a little help with sand from the government once the hurricane season is over. We will just have to wait and see what each day brings.

      Thank you for being so understanding during your stay. The staff worked long hours to make the guests as comfortable as possible.

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