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    Refurbishing has been COMPLETED in several ABC suites at this point in time. When will ABC post “actual pictures” of one of the completed suites so everyone can see what has been done, and what we have been/are continuing to pay for with our Assessment Fee dollars??? 8-)
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      In my opinion they won’t post photos because the suites have not been completed if you go by the true definition: 1 – finished making or doing.
      2 – make whole or perfect.

      The new furniture has not been installed. They’re waiting for drapes to arrive. Pictures to be hung. Etc, Etc, Etc.

      The “dirty” work has been completed for those rooms like ripping up and installing new floor tiles, new wiring, plumbing.
      But not the finished (completed) product.

      Thank you Shoco for your reply….but you must have some information that the rest of us do not have! The ABC October 2019 Quarterly Newsletter, issued via e-mail 10/11/2019, stated that the first 4 refurbished rooms were “released for occupancy” on Saturday October 05, 2019. The newsletter did not, however, state that furniture, drapes, pictures, etc were yet to be replaced. My obvious assumption was that they were released as “completely refurbished suites”.
      That being the case, I (and I am quite sure many other owners) would like to see what our Special Assessment dollars these past two years, and into next year, have been/are being utilized for.
      Shoco is correct. below is an extract from the weekly minutes for week 43, posted to the bulletin board on Nov 13th.:

      Carole Berrotte #226: When is the rest of the furniture arriving? I know there were some that were supposed to be coming from China, that’s what Capital Vacations told us.
      Mr. Langbaum: The furniture is all custom made in the States, the Carolinas. There was a slight debate as to what colors we wanted and what type of material we should use. Custom furniture takes a very long time; we made it onto the schedule to be made for the first quarter of next year. It’s going to take a couple of months to make the furniture, then it’s got to be put on a boat, make its way through the waters and go through customs when it gets here so the process is long.

      The information regarding the delay with furniture, drapes, and other furnishings has been posted several times in previous meeting minutes. The decision to “release the rooms” for occupancy makes perfect sense given the high occupancy percentages in the club and with the understanding that furniture would be replaced later.
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