Suggestion- Rental Fee change, and JULY 1, 2017!!

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    I am always in awe that our staff has to strip down and “Saturday-clean” a unit for a temporary rental. There IS a cost to this. $35 is absolutely OKAY with me for a midweek transfer to another unrelated occupant.

    I would be more understanding of a $10 Paperwork charge for a simple change a Guest Name, if no strip-clean is required, or if using the entire week. Sometimes we overlap weeks with a relative, and literally hand them the keys on Thursday, and we leave the kitchen and refrigerator “as is”- no additional cleaning at all.

    An additional $25 for a Full Changeover to a tenant, however is Very Reasonable.

    JULY 1, 2017 as a Start Date would give us all a chance to charge and recoup any fees!!

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