Week 21 and 22 2020

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    You are Welcome to rent Week 21, which is a Superior Unit 214, and its located on the side of Casa De Mar. Will you look at the floor plan on Aruba Beach website! The weekly rent is $925,and that includes taxes, and transfer fee. This is the week of the Aruba Jazz Festival. However. I recommend to you, to review the Jazz Fest website for dates, if that’s of interest to you.

    And your are welcome to week 22 , which is a Deluxe unit on the opposite side. The unit is very nice, It has one bedroom, and a living room with sleep sofa and one bath. This unit rents for &1025 and that includes taxes and transfer fee.

    The units will be rented separate or combined .
    My contact information
    Juanita BAiley. (Text is best contact ) 804-921-2267; or jbbailey2@msn.com

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      Week 21 has been rented, as of February 29.2020.
      Week 22 is still available .
      Juanita Bailey
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