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    Wi-Fi internet access is available in all areas of the Resort including the beach and pool areas.

    Prior to purchasing the Wi-Fi package, you must be checked in at ABC. When you purchase, the last name that you enter is the same last name on your in house card. Each package purchased is good for 2 devices and you can pay an additional $10.00 for extra 2 devices. The maximum amount of devices per package is 4. The Wi-Fi network is arubabeachclub. For any questions or further assistance please contact our Front Office or Jacky in our IT Department ext. 3018.

    1 Day Plan: $10 for 1 Day Wi-Fi Access
    1 Week Plan: $35 for 1 Week Wi-Fi Access (2 Additional Devices + $10)
    2 Week Plan: $50 for 2 Week Wi-Fi Access (2 Additional Devices + $10)
    1 Month Plan: $70 for 1 Month Wi-Fi Access (2 Additional Devices + $10)

    There are also free Wi-Fi hot spots available at the Cayena Terrace and the Resort lobby.

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