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    There has to be a way to pay the annual maintenance/dues fees while at the beach club.
    Please share with us the process and where we deliver the check to. With all the ugly things we’ve read about paying by mail and credit card we want to pay in person.
    Awaiting your response,
    Lawrence Brown & Gary Morgan
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      You can pay in person at the Front Desk by check, credit card or cash. Banks in Aruba have increased the correspondent bank fee from US-$5 to US-$10. Therefore, when paying with a personal check, bank check or a traveler’s check please note that you will be held responsible for the US-$10 correspondent bank fee. To avoid paying this additional fee, we suggest that you please mail your payments to the newly mentioned Lock Box Address below.

      As a result of the merge of Iberia Bank and First Horizon and taking into consideration the security breach that recently took place, we hereby would like to inform all our members who would rather send a check for their Club Dues Payments that, effective May 23, 2022 we now have a new Lock Box Address. Please make your check payable and submit to:

      Aruba Beach Club C.A.
      Attn: Department Number 160176
      PO Box 1000
      Memphis, TN 38148

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      Thanks for the information, Kandy
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